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DNA (Paperback)

DNA (Paperback)

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What makes DNA different from hordes of competitors purporting to help readers understand genetics is that it is written by none other than James Watson, of Watson and Crick fame. He and his co-author Andrew Berry have produced a clear and easygoing history of genetics, from Mendel through genome sequencing. Watson offers readers a sense of immediacy, a behind-the scenes familiarity with some of the most exciting developments in modern science. Dna (paperback), James Watson, Dna Book, Learn Dna Reading, Read, Library, Study, Research, Resources DNA (Paperback)

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DNA introduction

introduction by surendra posted on Saturday, September 19, 2009 from 202.141.141.DHR

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Intro to DNA | Chemical Structure | Biological Function | Advanced Theory | Practical Applications | Research & Study