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Bioinformatics is the study and manipulation of DNA sequence data. The manner in which DNA 'stores' the genetic code, and other molecular behaviours have led outside fields to make use of the DNA behaviour. In computer science, string searching algorithms, machine learning and database theory have all been improved using a better understanding of bioinformatic technology.

Coined by Paulien Hogewog in 1978, the term bioinformatics refers to the study of information processing in relation to biological organisms. Bioinformatics works both ways as a discipline, in the sense that it not only draws information 'out' of behavioural biology, but is also the term used in reference to the application of theory to the management and analyses of biological data. Primarily, bioinformatics serves the purpose of better understanding the nature of biological processes.

Today, the field of bioinformatics includes such activities as the analysis of DNA and other protein sequences, aligning DNA molecules with other proteins for comparison as well as the creation and observation of computer assisted 3-d modeling technologies. Understandings developed in these analyses lead to useful advances in other popular fields including the life sciences and computer science.

With only a handful of companies serving the bioinformatics discipline, this is a competitive, albeit incredibly useful field of modern understanding. Advances in the field of bioinformatics allow for the cross examination of biological structure with computer science, essentially 'mapping' biological sequences into computationally behavioral functions; allowing for such things as genetic engineering.


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