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Genetic Engineering and DNA


Genetic Engineering generally falls under a category of activities used to define any process which intentionally manipulates an organisms genes in order to produce a determined outcome. Other practices which fall under this category are: recombinant DNA technology, genetic modification (GM) and gene splicing.


First of all, the necessary genes to be manipulated have to be 'isolated' from the main DNA helix. Then the genes are 'inserted' into a transfer medium such as a plasmid. Third, the transfer medium (i.e. plasmid) are then inserted into the organism intended to be modified. Next comes then element of transformation, whereby several different methods, including DNA guns, bacterial transformation or viral insertion can be used to apply the transfer medium to the new organism. Finally, a stage of separation occurs, where the genetically modified organism (GMO) is now isolated from other organisms which have not been successfully modified.

Genetic Engineering


Genetic Engineering is widely used in today's society. A prime example, is the field of medicine, where develops using genetic engineering have led to developments such as the creation of human insulin, human growth hormones and even a vaccine for hepatitis B. Also, genetic engineering of fruits and vegetables allows farmers to produce consumable foods with pest and bacterial resistance, better growing temperatures and even higher yields. Genetic Engineering has even, as of late, been used to treat genetic illnesses in human beings. Diseases, otherwise incurable, can be 'removed' from the body by altering the characteristic genes responsible for said ailments.


Genetic Engineering is on a perilous slope in terms of its moral practice. Although some genetic developments are non invasive, others require serious alteration of the specimens needed for samples. Furthermore, the Roman Catholic Church has condemned many fields of genetic engineering related to practice on humans, saying that it ' contradicts the fundamental truth of equality between all human beings'.

Genetic Engineering

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