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Using DNA in the Real World:

DNA is an incredible component of the biological organism, and it would be a remarkable subject for study even supposing it had no real world applications, which it does. Listed below is a brief synopsis of DNA study, in practice, in the real world. From applications such as medicine, to robotics to computation, this little molecule can handle pretty much anything!

Genetic Engineering:
Using an understanding of genes to manipulate physical character traits.

Using DNA technology to sniff out 'who dunnit'.

Using an understanding of DNA to promote new forms of behavioural functions in other sciences.

Using DNA itself to develop interesting new physical concepts in the nano-world.

History and Anthropology:
Using DNA measurement techniques to better understand our pasts.

Practical Applications

Paternity Test Biotechnology Mitochondrial Dna Solution Mrna Proteins Gel Electrophoresis Protein Polymerase Forensic Science Dna Mechanism Dna Techniques Dna Ph Genome Agarose Taq Paternity Testing Genetics Genetic Dna Methods Nucleotide Dna Receptor Gene Forensics Testing
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