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Introduction to Chemical Structure

DNA's highly specific manner of encoding genetic information lays heavily on its chemical makeup. This particular molecule stores millions of genetic characteristics in a tightly wound coil responsible for virtually every component of our biological existence.

The chemical structure of the DNA macromolecule can be broken down into several main components. 1) The Chemical Components; this includes the basic molecules that make up the DNA structure. 2) The Chemical Makeup of DNA, which includes the nature of components and bonding responsible for its biological functions. 3) The Chemical Structure; this inherently determines how the molecule behaves in a cellular environment, and which form a specific set of enzymes is required to interact with the chemical structure of the DNA.

Chemical Components:
Which molecules is the DNA macromolecule made up of?

Chemical Makeup:
How is the DNA molecule chemically pieced together?

Chemical Structure:
What form does this particular molecule take?

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