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Intro to DNA

Everything you ever wanted to know about: The DNA Molecule


Hello and welcome to the DNA portion of the MicroBiologyGuide website. This is an informative website dedicated to providing you, the user, with an in depth look at the characteristics (chemical and behavioural) of the DNA molecule. Listed below is a list of sections within the 'Introduction to DNA'. This menu section is intended to provide a brief synopsis of what DNA is made of, and what it really does. For more advanced functions, please see 'Chemical Structure' and 'Biological Function' listed in the menu above. For even more advanced theory, please see the 'Advanced Theory' section above. Thank you for visiting this site.

What is DNA and what does it do?
(very brief)

What are the main roles of this particular molecule?

What exactly (chemically speaking) is DNA made of?

How does DNA carry out its main roles?

Introduction to DNA - Books on Sale and More

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Intro to DNA | Chemical Structure | Biological Function | Advanced Theory | Practical Applications | Research & Study